4 Best Pull up Resistance Bands to Get Your First Pull 2023

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body and build functional fitness.

Achieving your first pull-up can be challenging, but with a little practice and work, you can achieve your first pull-up in no time.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the 4 best pull up resistance bands so you can start your journey toward crushing those pull-ups with confidence and ease.

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What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are elastic bands or tubes used for strength training and toning. They come in a variety of resistance levels from light to heavy and provide a range of exercises to target any muscle group.

They also are used to provide assistance to make pull-ups easier for beginners by alleviating some of the athlete’s weight

Pull-up resistance bands can differ by also having a foothold to secure the athlete’s feet while performing pull-ups.

best pull up resistance bands

They can also be used for improving certain ranges of motions such as the first half of the pull-up or the top portion.

4 Best Pull Up Resistance Bands

Best Overall

Intent Sports Pull-up assist bands

These bands are the best overall for beginner athletes or even intermediates looking to improve form or range of motion. Simple set and easy storage make this great for athletes on the go

The Intent Sport Pull-up assist bands are our #1 all-around pick due to many reasons. The first is that it’s one band versus making it portable, and easy to store.

They are simple to install with a basic belt-like attachment to loop around your pull-up bar.

The band’s resistance levels are adjusted by a metal clip to raise or lower assistance.

(High Medium and Low indicators) They offer up to 125 pounds of assistance with the #1 Band option or 200 pounds for the #2 Band Max option of assistance to help any fitness get ready to achieve their first pull-up, and they offer a lifetime warranty!

Material: Natural Rubber Latex Bands

Color: Red (Band) or Blue (Band Max)

Pounds of Assistance: Up to 125 or Up to 200 with the Band Max option

Foot Hold: Yes

Storage Bag: Yes


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Portable
  • Up to 200 pounds of resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable


  • No number weight of resistance, just line indicators
  • Latex may affect those with latex allergies

INNSTAR Pull-up assist bands

Runner up

INNSTAR Pull-up assist bands

With a variety of colors and easy-to-use resistance level adjustment cables, these bands are great for improving pulls and other resistance training workouts such as single-arm chest flies, tricep extensions, single-arm rows, and more!

The INNSTAR Pull up assist bands are easy to use and set up. They offer 6 adjustable lengths for a large range of different heights.

The bands are also great for traveling and easy storage since it’s only one piece of equipment versus having 3 to 5 bands individually.

They offer 3 levels of resistance depending on your fitness level.

Material: Natural Latex Bands

Color: Camo Blue, Black, Blue, Camo red

Pounds of Assistance: up to 170 pounds

Foot Hold: Yes

Storage Bag: Yes


  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Easy to use “Cable Pocket” System
  • Anti-Snap Sleeves
  • Portable/ Travel Friendly


  • Not Based in the US
  • Latex may affect those with latex allergies

Most versatile

TheFitLife Resistance Pull-Up Bands

These are by far the most versatile bands on the list. Aside from pull-up assistance, you can use these as normal bands for training, stretches, yoga, and resistance training.

The FitLife Resistance Pull-Up Bands come in 4 single bands varying in weight and color. The range of resistance is from 15-175 pounds.

Great for home gyms and resistance band training overall.

These can be used as exercise bands as well. Other exercise uses can include bicep curls, front shoulder raises, squats, and more. These are also great for yoga and stretching before and after workouts.

Material: Natural Rubber Latex Bands

Color: Green, Purple, Black, Red (depending on the level of resistance)

Pounds of Assistance: 15-175 pounds

Foot Hold: No

Storage Bag: Yes


  • 4 Levels of resistance
  • Most Versatile Bands
  • Great for home gyms


  • No foothold
  • Not US Based
  • Latex may affect those with latex allergies

Hommie Pull up Assistance Bands (Link)

Most Beginner friendly

Hommie Pull-up Assistance Bands

The Hommie Pull-up bands are the best for beginner athletes and the most heavy-duty on the list. Placing your feet and knees is easy and comfortable with a significant foothold.

The Hommie Pull-up assist bands are heavy duty allowing for over 200 pounds of resistance. The system comes with 6 adjustable elastic straps to set your level of resistance.

It also comes with a large “anti-skid” foot/knee hold fabric pad. Perfect for beginner athletes and home gyms.

Material: Natural Rubber Latex Bands, Nylon Straps

Color: Orange

Pounds of Assistance: up to 240 pounds

Foot Hold: Yes

Storage Bag: Yes


  • 6 Levels of resistance
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Large foothold
  • Adjustable Height


  • A lot of pieces to adjust/Set up
  • Not US based

Some things to keep in mind

To make your resistance bands last longer

When using assistance from bands, it should be noted that they are used to ASSIST you and not carry your full weight.

You want to use these bands to help simulate a pull-up without having your full body weight to carry as you lift up.

When using no-foothold bands

Be careful when using resistance bands with no footholds. They can slip off your feet or knees causing a painful whip to your face, body, or your private areas. More common to slip off when placing your feet. Proper use: Place one foot onto the band and place your other foot on top of the band and other foot to ensure the band doesn’t slip off.

Achieving your first pull up

A pull-up can be a difficult workout to complete, especially for beginner athletes. Practicing dead hangs can help improve your grip and overall strength to help achieve your first pull as well.

Heavier bands offer easier pull-ups

Resistance bands vary in weight levels, so the heavier the band the more weight is taken off your body, and vice versa.

As you get stronger, you can lessen your weight level which will make you carry more of your weight until eventually, you do pull up with your full body weight or even do weighted pull-ups.

Alternatives to resistance bands

Pull Up Machines

machine assisted pull ups - bokeyfit.com

TRX Bands

TRX Rows


How much weight can a pull-up assist resistance band carry?

The weight capacity will vary between each band individually.

When should I decrease resistance/move to a light resistance band?

This will vary between athletes based on their skill level. If you feel as though the pull-ups using the band level you’re at is becoming too easy, then chances are it’s time to move to a lower/lighter level of resistance.

Does form matter even when using resistance bands?

Yes, always try to practice good form even when using assistance. I wouldn’t advise using “kipping” when using resistance bands as the bands slip out from under your feet.

Kipping: Using a kicking or swinging motion to give yourself momentum

Final Thoughts

These are four possible ways to get your first pull-up with the help of a resistance band. If you’re feeling stuck, give one of these a try.

The key is not to give up you’ll get there eventually with enough practice! Remember to stay motivated and keep at it even when it seems impossible.

With time and effort, you’ll be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start working on those pull-ups!

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