4 Best Push-up Boards 2023

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Welcome, beginner athletes! Ready to take your upper body strength training to the next level? All you need is a great piece of equipment – and luckily for you, we have just the thing, a push up board.

Today we’ll be talking about our top four picks for best push-up boards and how these dynamic pieces of equipment will help take your fitness journey from good to great!

What is a Push-up board?

A push-up board is a device that has recently gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. It is a sturdy board made of durable non-slip materials that have specific markings on it to guide the user’s hand and arm placement during a push-up.

These markings help users target different muscle groups and challenge themselves with different variations of push-ups.

Additionally, some push-up boards may also have built-in handles or grip points for added comfort and stability during the exercise.

Top 4 Best Push-up Boards

Fan favorite
Aerlang push up board

AERLANG Push-Up Board

The Aerlang push-up board is a versatile 10-in-1 exercise board that collapses effortlessly for convenient storage. With its innovative design, this push-up board allows you to target and strengthen your chest, triceps, back, and shoulders.

What sets it apart is the option to include resistance bands, providing added versatility and challenge to your fitness routine. With its exceptional functionality and customizable options, the Aerlang push-up board stands out as the ultimate choice for anyone looking to elevate their workout experience.



-option to include resistance bands


-portable training bag

What customers are saying:

“Great Tool”

“Not good for tall people with long arms”

“Good but hard handles”

“Takes time to loosen handles”

“Gets the job done”

Overall, it gets the job done while providing everything a push-up board needs.
For what you’re spending, it’s a great home/on-the-go workout system that doesn’t require you to have a gym membership.

Best overall
hotwave push up board

HOTWAVE Push-Up Board

The Hotwave push-up board is a highly durable and versatile fitness accessory. With its sturdy construction, it can support weights of up to 300 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

What sets this board apart is its innovative design featuring 14 different grip positions. These strategic grip options allow you to target specific muscle groups such as the chest, triceps, back, and shoulders, giving you a comprehensive upper body workout.



-Portable training bag


-Supports up to 300lbs

What customers are saying:

“…I am a large dude and its not at all wide enough.”

“Needs to be wider”

“Great piece of gear”

“Great for price”

Overall, it gets the job done while providing everything a push-up board needs. Not best for taller athletes.
For what you’re spending, it’s a great home/on-the-go workout system that doesn’t require you to have a gym membership.

Best for tall people
lalahigh push up board

LALAHIGH Push-Up Board

The Lalahigh board is great for taller athletes. It features 28 different color-coded push-up positions that allow you to adjust the difficulty and range of motion for each exercise.

The board also has non-slip handles that provide stability and comfort during each workout. Additionally, it is made of durable material that ensures long-term use and stability.





-Supports up to 300lbs

What customers are saying:

“Really good for calisthenics”

“Convenient and useful”

“Cons: None yet”

Overall a solid choice. Compared to the others, this accommodates taller athletes (up to 6’6″) making it a wider board that the rest.

Most grip positions
berleng push up board

Berleng Push-Up Board

The Berleng push-up board is an innovative fitness tool with a remarkable 56-in-one system, providing an extensive range of exercise options to spice up your workout routine.

With its enhanced design, it offers a “bigger base” compared to its previous version, measuring an impressive 26.2 x 13.9 inches. This expanded size ensures stability and comfort while you engage in various push-up variations and target different muscle groups.




-“bigger base”

-Handles fit under the board

What customers are saying:

“Handles are hard to pull out of board”

“Great would recommend”

“Great addition to my workout”

“Helps my kid with form”

Overall another great option with tons of grip positions. This board has more positions than any other on the list.

Push-up board alternatives

Perfect Push up

perfect push up

The perfect push-up also elevates your hands from the floor allowing for a deeper range of motion. The beauty of these is that you can rotate your hands as you go push up or lower down.



Parrallettes are a great piece of calisthenics equipment. They elevate your hands off the floor giving you a longer range of motion just like a push-up board.

The difference is there isn’t a color code system and no locked-in hole to place it into.

Benefits of a Push-up Board

Improve Core Stability

Holding your body while in a push-up position is great for increasing your core strength and endurance.

Adds Variety to your workout

Push-up boards have a variety of hand positions that can target different muscle groups.

Increase Intensity

Many of the push-up boards’ hand positions are a more challenging variation compared to a standard shoulder-width push-up. This can make certain positions more difficult while increasing your workout intensity.

Improve Posture

Push-up boards are great for increasing overall upper body muscles which can help improve your posture.

Increased Upper Body Strength

Push-ups overall are one of the best compound movements for increasing upper body strength.

Increased Range of Motion

Since your upper body is elevated from the floor with the hand grips, you’ll have a deeper range of motion during the eccentric (lowering phase) of your push-ups.

Best for Beginners

Many athletes won’t benefit from a push-up board once they advance in their journey. But for newer athletes, this is a great starting piece of equipment to learn different hand placements to increase your overall upper body muscles.

Tips for Doing Push-ups Correctly

Start at your skill level

For many, progressing up to a proper push-up might be a better start. If you’re unable to do a proper push-up, then try to start with knee push-ups. If knee push-ups are too easy, then start with proper form with your knees off the ground.

Keep your spine neutral

neutral spine push up

When doing push-ups, it’s important to NOT have your lower back dip as you push back up. This is common to see because as the push-up starts to become difficult, we lose proper form by letting our lower back sink which makes it easier to lock out our arms and complete the rep. So make sure to keep your back in a flat/neutral position to properly do a push-up.

Full Range of motion

Not lowering your body low enough can decrease your gains. Be sure to lower yourself down to about when your triceps are parallel to the ground or to when your arms are at a 90-degree arch.

Final Thoughts

To be completely transparent, most athletes won’t need a push-up board. A push-up board is designed to help newer athletes learn different hand positions to target different muscle groups.

Am I against push-up boards? Absolutely not. You still have all the great benefits of a push up including increased upper body strength, increased core stability, etc., but it also allows for a great range of motion since your hands are slightly elevated.

At the end of the day, the idea is to learn, progress, and develop into a better athlete or even improve your overall health. So whether you choose to get a push-up board or not, get up and get moving!

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